Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

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Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

Cotton Armor: The Perfect Solution for Homeowners

Cozy... comfy... peaceful. Wrap your home in the warm comforting blanket of Cotton Armor.

A Greener Solution

While homeowners stand to greatly benefit from selecting the right insulation for their homes, the biggest winner might be what's outside the house - the environment.

A recent Life Cycle Analysis of Cotton Armor found the production of Cotton Armor to be 54% more energy efficient than the production of fiberglass. This is due to the use of recycled renewable resources, and application of modern, energy-efficient electrical equipment, rather than the blast furnaces utilized in fiberglass manufacturing. Cotton Armor production was also found to result in less than 53% CO2 equivalent (Kilograms of CO2 and other gasses) and 29% less water than fiberglass manufacturing. Achieving a proper installation is easier with Cotton Armor than competitive products; the resulting superior fit provides more long-term energy savings over the life of a building.

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Turn Your Home into Your Own Oasis

According to a recent survey by a leading building products manufacturer, 78% of homeowners have issues with noise.

"Noise control is the next big thing in achieving optimal indoor comfort," says a recent issue of Builder magazine. "New solutions make it a worthwhile investment for single-family builders."

One solution is proving to be particularly effective - installing Cotton Armor Acoustical and Thermal Insulation Blankets. Cotton Armor dampens unwanted sound from both inside and outside of the home.

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Sound Panels and Baffles

If you want even more sound attenuating properties, look no further than Cotton Armor's acoustic panels and baffles. They're the perfect solution to a home theatre or a noisy kid's playroom.

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"For every house is built by some man; but he that built all things is God."

— Hebrews 3:4