Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

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Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

Sound Panels and Baffles

Acoustical panels and baffles help ensure the clarity of sound by reducing echoes and reverberations in rooms and building enclosures making them good choices for churches, professional studios, gyms, schools, theaters, commercial, industrial and residential buildings in which the ability to clearly hear others is critical.

Type J mount for Cotton Armor Baffles

SAA and NRC ratings for COTTON ARMOR Panels

Cotton Armor's naturally high SAA (Sound Absorption Average) and NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) ratings make it a great fit for any facility, building or home in which sound fidelity is needed. Test results in Sabines are available for both one and two inch Cotton Armor Baffles upon request.

Cotton Armor acoustical panels and baffles provide a cost effective system for reducing echoes, reverb and other acoustically unpleasant effects. They can be left exposed or covered with acoustically transparent material for a custom look to fit into any decor. Cotton Armor is the 21st century hybrid sound solution, utilizing the ancient acoustical properties of cotton, technologically coupled with BurnBarrier and a proprietary production process results in a sustainable high performance defense against unwanted noise, echo and sounds. Cotton Armor contains 85% recycled content and utilizes cotton fibers, making it an environmentally sustainable acoustical control solution. It's non-irritating and as safe to use as your favorite pair of jeans and contains no glass fibers, Formaldehyde or other chemicals associated with increased health concerns.

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