Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

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Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

Cotton Armor Insulation can be designed to your requirements or manufactured to your specifications. It can meet your unique thermal and acoustic insulation needs at thicknesses up to 7.75", widths of 108", densities of up to 4.0 pcf, and can be faced or die-cut, at our state-of-the-art production facility. Cotton Armor is a very eco-friendly product made from recycled cotton, containing at least 85% recycled content, and takes less energy to produce than competitive fiberglass and foam insulation products. You can request a Life Cycle Analysis here.


Available as blanket or board stock, Cotton Armor thermal and acoustic appliance insulation products are recommended for applications up to 180°F. Facings can be applied and material can be precision die cut for your specific application. UL Classified material available for many applications.


Designed for the transportation industry and to meet the needs of NVH engineers, Cotton Armor thermal and acoustic automotive insulation products control sound transmission and heat flow, and can be used in applications up to 180°F. Cotton Armor is an excellent alternative to shoddy, foam and other insulation materials used in the automotive, aeronautical, mass transit and recreational vehicle industries, and in many applications is UL Classified.


Available as a blanket, board, panel, pipe wrap, water heater jacket and duct wrap, Cotton Armor's versatility, efficacy, eco-performance and price competitiveness make it a premier insulation choice. Blankets (R-2 through R-30) have received their CCRR-0220 from Intertek-ATI while board material up to 2" thick at densities of up to 3.5 pcf are the first and only cotton building product to be UL Classified (UL723).

Thermal Packaging

Keep warm stuff warm, cold stuff cold and the contents of your shipment safe with a custom-designed Cotton Armor Thermal Packaging solution. Eco-friendly, Cotton Armor is an outstanding insulator at temperatures up to 180°F and accepts a variety of facings to fit your specific requirements.


Cotton Armor Insulation is an outstanding soundproofing lining for generator enclosures. Easily cut to size and available in a variety of thicknesses and densities, Cotton Armor provides superior sound deadening, meets ASTM E-84 requirements and can be used in applications up to 180°F.

Sound Baffles/Ceiling Tiles

Outstanding sound attenuation, and dimensionally customizable, Cotton Armor sound baffles and ceiling tiles offer superior performance at competitive prices. Many products are UL Classified or are Intertek-ATI verified and have received CCRR-0220. A variety of facings or coverings can be employed to achieve different design or aesthetic goals.

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