Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

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Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

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Safe to touch. Safe to live with. Cotton Armor contains no OSHA cancer warning, formaldehyde, glass fibers, or itchy texture. It protects without the chemicals associated with increased health concerns and can provide STC ratings into the 60s.


Panels and Baffles

Designed to ensure sound fidelity and are crafted for churches, home theaters, professional audio studios, gyms and other buildings and rooms in which clarity of sound is important.

Panels & Baffles

Duct Wraps

Help conserve energy with all-natural Cotton Armor duct wraps.

Duct Wrap

Pipe Wraps

Stop sweating and dripping pipes.

Pipe Wrap

Applegate Insulation

Established in 1978, Aaron and his son Terry Applegate began manufacturing blown cellulose insulation out of a small facility in Okemos, Michigan. Today, Applegate headquartered in Webberville Michigan, is the largest family-owned cellulose insulation manufacturer in the world, and supplies a variety of insulation products throughout the United States. Applegate currently operates facilities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, Colorado and Ontario, Canada. For additional information regarding Applegate Insulation, please visit About Us.

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