Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

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Cotton Armor Blanket Insulation

Cotton Armor

Having a well-insulated building envelope is crucial to creating a sustainable and energy efficient building. By minimizing heat transfer through the building envelope, less energy is required to maintain the interior temperature and your comfort.


Cotton Armor is designed for an easy, non-itch and fast installation. Unlike some specialty batts which are only sized for one sized framing (residential or commercial), Cotton Armor is sized correctly for both. Having the right sized blanket for your framing helps to reduce compression, voids and gaps when it is installed.

Cotton Armor Insulation is easy to install Cotton Armor Insulation is easy to install Cotton Armor Insulation is easy to install

The fibers are positioned to rip by hand or for easy sizing with a utility knife along its width. The full rebound and stiffness helps Cotton Armor expand into open areas and back to its full thickness after being compressed to fit around obstacles or after being compressed against the back of a cavity, giving full acoustical and thermal protection.

Thermal Performance

Cotton Armor has a similar laboratory calculated thermal resistance to fiberglass with R-values of 3.4-3.9 per inch. Cotton Armor is correctly sized for standard residential and commercial framing, which is coupled with a unique fiber layout and technologically advanced manufacturing processes. This results in Cotton Armor's ability to be more precisely sized and fitted around obstructions than traditional batts. A form-fitting installation helps maximize the real-world performance by minimizing compression, gaps, voids and other installation failures which are commonly associated with traditional insulation and can significantly reduce the effectiveness of any insulation.

Health Considerations

Applegate's Cotton Armor chemical makeup is considered benign, containing no fiberglass, asbestos or formaldehyde. The primary fire retardant used may be found in eye drops, baby clothing and laundry detergents. Cotton Armor doesn't contain friable glass fibers which can become airborne during the installation or removal of fiberglass.

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